Advantages of using Silver articles

Improve your immunity

The mineral silver is has the amazing ability to fight and destroy antibiotic-resistant super-pathogens. Silver can actually kill over 650 bacteria, fungi, parasites, molds and fungi that have the potential to sprout diseases. At the same time silver has no known side effects. As silver can fight microbes, this will automatically boost your immune system.

Keeps food fresh

People in ancient times used silver items to store food. And it shows that your food is not easy to rot. This is because silver can prevent bacteria that make food rot quickly.Storing food in silverware is always a good idea because it can destroy the viruses, bacteria and germs in the food. In olden times, milk was infused with silver coins to keep it fresher over the longer period. Water and wines were also kept in silverware to help enhance freshness and keep it tasty for more time.

It has the effect of cooling the body

Compared to other common metals used to make utensils, silver has properties to cool the body. It is very good to help launch the digestive system and also the body's metabolism in the benefits of cinnamon and honey weight loss.

Silver plates do not contain toxins

If you use a plastic plate, the plate will emit harmful substances if it is exposed to plastic. But not with a silver plate. Silver plates do not rust easily. Therefore, it can not produce toxins that harm the body.BPA is an additive in plastics that are used to make it more durable. This can sometimes latch onto food items and cause hormonal imbalances in addition to obesity. Other risks also include increased risks of breast cancer, prostate cancer and infertility. Instead of searching for high BPA or “BPA-Free” plastics, you could switch to silver.Silver doesn’t cause cancer of any sort unlike plastics and many other metals. It doesn’t cause any problems in the reproductive system or even neurological damage which the former two can.

The silver plates are not damaged and broken

Silver is ideally a durable metal. Thus, articles made from silver are long lasting as compared to those made from plastic or ceramics. Thus, investment in utensils made of silver becomes becomes one time activity.

Avoid free radicals

Silver as a metal can lift free radicals in the body which may cause various diseases as well as premature aging.

Damaged body cells can be activated

Silver content can reactivate damaged body cells.The silver effectively kills the infectious microorganisms responsible for the disease; also triggers remarkable and quite unexpected re-growth of human tissue and bone at the site of the infection by causing cellular repair, resulting in dramatic healing of damaged tissues.

Relieve Anxiety

Silver Jewelry such as spinning band, necklace and bracelets is known to reduce anxiety and stress in people. These jewelry items are known to have a calming effect through repetitive motion.

High Purity Articles

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Easy Exchange

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Life Time Product Service

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